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The Michigan Animal Adoption Network (MAAN) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to animal care, rescue and adoption in the Metro Detroit area.

Our volunteers are devoted to finding new homes for displaced dogs and cats – animals who have lost their homes due to owner foreclosures, divorces, allergies, unwanted gifts, unwanted litters or found as strays. We engage in many special promotions and other fundraising efforts to further our efforts in spaying/neutering, our street rescue program, veterinary care to re-home animals and educate the public on animal welfare issues.

Maude "Before" our care
Maude "After" our care

MAAN also has a special street-team division called The Animal Care Network (ACN). ACN is a group of volunteers who spend weekdays and weekends in low-income areas in suburban Wayne and Oakland counties, providing care and assistance to pet owners with both indoor and outdoor pets. Each year we provide a community service to pet owners and host low-cost animal vaccination clinics and spay/neuter clinics to protect the animals in our community. The Animal Care Network has won national acclaim and recognition for this unique program that “hits the streets” assisting animals in need of rescue or assistance.

Animal Care Network Statistics since 1994

  • Over 13,200 dogs and cats rescued
  • Over 18,000 dogs and cats vaccinated at vaccine clinics
  • Over 5,600 dogs and cats spayed/neutered through low-cost programs and collaborative efforts

Annual Numbers

  • Over 10,000 visits/wellness checks
  • Over 900 bales of straw delivered
  • Over 200 doghouses delivered
  • Over 40,000 miles on rescue and volunteers’ vehicles
  • Over 2,000 volunteer hours


  • Raise public awareness about animal issues in the community through the media
  • Educate pet owners about the importance of spay and neuter, animal cruelty issues and proper, humane pet care. Include children and teens in ACN interactions with the community.
  • Recruit the community to volunteer at events
  • Target and locate animals in need via door-to-door street technique to reduce the pet overpopulation and animal homelessness
  • Rescue and assist outdoor and indoor animals in need
  • Give dogs and cats a new chance at life and a much brighter future

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