In Memory Of

  • In memory of Julie – Boo Boo – maltese, a donation was made by Anna Otto.
  • In memory of “KitKat” a donation has been made by Marie Bell to the Michigan Animal Adoption
  • In memory of Nancy Bonnell, a donation was made by James Pruss
  • A generous donation was made in memory of “Misty, our beloved cat”, by the Philip Grundleehner family.
  • ACN would like to remember Scrappy, beloved senior Beagle owned by James and his family.

  • In memory of “Happy”, The Kapur family’s beloved pitbull/boxer mix, a donation was made to the Michigan Animal Adoption Network.
  • Donation made by Gayle Koan in memory of Pedro & Gracie, loved family members of Rose Phelan and Nadine Doolan.
  • In loving memory of Mary Porteous, mother of ACN Manager Pam Porteous, a donation was made by Barbara Perl.
  • In Memory of Misty, beloved cat who passed away in October, 2008; donation made by Philip Grundlehner
  • In memory of Allen Knarr, a donation was made by Eileen and Richard Hemphill.
  • In memory of Candy, a donation was made by Barbara and Vito Delia.
  • Donation made in memory of Rocky and Muffett by Carol Medici
  • Donation made in memory of Chienne I, II and Liebchen I, II by Carol Kohut
  • Nikki was a wonderful companion, who shared 10 years of her life with Ray and Deborah Chappa. She is dearly missed.

  • In memory of Pudder (15 year old, tri-colored Setter mix) and Molly (15 year old black Spaniel mix); beloved pets of Laura and Tom Shaw. Pudder was adopted in August of 1995 (he was 2) and Molly in March of 1996 (she was 2 ½). They were and continue to be the best of friends. They are missed by their sibling Kona. “They will always be very special and dear to us.”

  • In memory of a great and beloved friend, Jake beloved pet of David Martens, volunteers for the Animal Care Network.

  • In memory of Norman, beloved pet of Evan Deutsch, volunteer for the Animal Care Network. Norman was the worlds best teddy bear. He brought joy and smiles to our lives. He will be missed everyday. Thank you to his dad, Evan, for loving him and giving him and so many others a 2nd chance in life. Donation made by The Marchek Family.
  • In honor of Lindsay Warren for her volunteer work with the Michigan Animal Adoption Network; donation made by The Trim Family.
  • In memory of Samantha Ray Saindon, a donation was made by Jack Saindon.

  • In memory of Benny from Benny’s family.
  • Way back in May 1996, my son and I stopped into a Pet Supplies “Plus” in Rochester Hills to pick-up some cat food. You had several dogs there that Saturday afternoon, but we were drawn to Ben, a 2 ½ year old Shepherd mix. I contacted you about him, and long story short, you brought him to our home and he became a member of our family. It was with breaking hearts that we said good-bye to Ben two weeks ago. He was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy earlier this year, and battled it bravely, but by the beginning of September it became clear that he was suffering and struggling. We gently let him sleep on September 22.

“Attached is a photo taken of him earlier this summer, when he was still able to snag tennis balls with some effort. I hope you remember him – you called him Gentle Ben. He brought us so much joy and laughter and love. “Thank you for the work that you do, and for deciding that we were the best family for Ben. He was certainly the best dog for us.” Linda

  • In memory of Sarah Warren, beloved pet of Lindsay and Richard Warren, Jr., a donation was made by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Warren, Sr.
  • In memory of Shadow, a donation was made by Karen Marianovich and family.
  • In memory of Kira, the Rottweiler, a donation was made by Justin Jeris and Jamie Gannon.
  • In memory of Diamonda Hass, a 10-year old Bull Terrier owned by Peter and Julie Hass, a donation was made by Liz Sherman.
  • In memory of Jake Rebeck, a donation was made by Raymond and Rosalyn Rebeck.
  • In memory of Dugan, a wonderful dog, a donation was made.
  • This donation is dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Randy Davis from “Dugan’s dog walking friends.”
  • In memory of Benny Rose, member of the Rose family.
  • A donation was made in memory of Jellybean from Michelle Ostrander.
  • In memory of JP and Boxy

  • In memory of Bones

  • In memory of Angus, loved and cared for by Kim Schulte

  • In memory of Frannie and Sheldon, beloved dogs owned by Evan Deutsch. “Frannie and Sheldon, you were very much loved and even more deeply missed.”

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