01/02/06 – Highland MI

01/01/06 – Highland MI
January 1, 2006
01/03/06 – Highland MI
January 3, 2006
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So I awoke at 7:30 today and rushed out to the dentist to have a root canal fixed.. then met with Jenny for breakfast before going over to Brian’s house..

we laid down a quick acoustic and piano version of “Letting Go” and hung out  a bit. I rushed back to highland, had a chriopractic appointment at 6.. then off to take a quick family photo..

I then hit Waterford where I met with great singer/songwriter Mary Abraham… we had a great time and exchanged ideas.. she’s actually going to record my song “Letting Go” which im very excited about!

As soon as I left meeting with Mary, I picked up my friend Heather at 8:15 and went to Clarkston to meet w/ my sister, Linden (boyfriend) and his sister & brother in law… I got back to the house at 1am and have SO much work to do.. tomorrow is my last day in town and i’ll be running around like a crazy person!  Im up til 5am here and have a long day tomorrow too!!