01/04/06 – Tour Update – Atlanta GA

01/03/06 – Highland MI
January 3, 2006
01/05/06 – Tour Update – Athens GA
January 5, 2006
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That’s right… I’m back on tour!

I finished packing up at 4:15am and booked it to the airport to fly out on tome (6am) I flew in at 8am where my dear friend Lisa picked me up and before I knew it was up at the Livewire office.. I worked non-stop til 2:30pm when Ashton picked me up… we ran two errands and were down to the in-store by 4 and ready to go…

This month Ashton Allen & I are doing nothing but Barnes & Noble in-store performances.. I’m so excited to be back on the road.. and can’t wait to see the country again… I will have updated tour dates always up on my site.. so please check up and ask me any questions you may have!

I missed Ashton.. he’s such a dear friend, so it’s good to be back out together on tour!!! please come see us!

Today we had 2 in-stores in Atlanta.. one in Buckhead and one just south of Little 5 points.. they both went very well and we’re starting to get our road legs back up! Im crashing w/ Jamie tonight.. as of this moment.. I have been up 42 hours!  I’m insane and going to bed NOW!