01/06/06 – Tour Update – Columbus GA

01/05/06 – Tour Update – Athens GA
January 5, 2006
01/07/06 – Tour Update – Jacksonville FL
January 7, 2006
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Tonight was a blast.. the entire staff at the Columbus Barnes & Noble were great… we had a really good crowd including a girl named Ashton Allen!

We sold about 15 cds which was huge.. we stuck around and met some folks before grabbing dinner at Cracker Barrel (a road staple for us)… we then begun our 5.5 hour journey to Jacksonville tomorrow!  Hometown in-store performances tomorrow! We watched a “Saturday Night Live” music retrospective boxed set!  so fun… we rolled into town after 3:30am!  It’s time to crash… we’re staying with our friend T.O.D. tonight and tomorrow night.