02/15/06 – Highland MI

02/14/06 – Madison Heights MI
February 14, 2006
02/16/06 – Highland MI
February 16, 2006
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Left Madison Heights at 12:30 and ran some errands on the way home… spent today working on Ashton’s Admin stuff and put off cleaning my room… Jenny came over at about 7pm and we went out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants “Highland House.”  They have the best breadsticks in the world… Had a great time and then we came back and watched “The Upside Of Anger.”  In this flick, Kevin Costner plays a former baseball star who is now a radio DJ on 101.1 WRIF Detroit (the rock station).  It was great because I great up listening to the RIFF.. they even had the legendary Artur P. (Arthur Penhallow) as a guest role in the film!  So that was way cool.

It was a nice quiet night in.. we passed out around 12:30am!