04/01/06 – Tour Update – Atlanta, GA

03/31/06 – Tour Update – Mobile, AL
March 31, 2006
04/02/06 – Tour Update – Alpharetta, GA (day off)
April 2, 2006
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We left Mobile at 11am and made our way up to Georgia…. we stopped at…. you guessed it….. CRACKER BARREL for lunch.

We’re playing Atlanta tonight…. Atlanta is one of those cities that has a highly anticipated show…. (Michigan and Florida cities are the others)…

In Atlanta, Ashton lives there, and recently spent 3 years living there, also the record label is in Atlanta as well… so these shows are fun.

We rolled in early at 6 and watched the Gator game while waiting for sound check…

Marlise, Amie, Cassia, and Ashton’s former Big Sky band mate, Ben Rowell were among the friends who came out… met a cool guy named Casey who opened the show.. he sang his ass off..

This was the best live performance I’ve seen out of Ashton.. He played CJs Landing which is a Buckhead college type bar… still a great show though.

We got back to Alpharetta around 2am and wound down… I need some sleep… we hit the road Monday morning!