04/24/06 – Highland, MI (day off)

04/23/06 – Highland, MI (day off)
April 23, 2006
04/25/06 – Highland, MI (day off)
April 25, 2006
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Woke up today… Jenny took today off from work, so we slept in.. which was so nice… I fixed some bugs on Brian’s new myspace page and then Jenny & I headed out.

We spent the afternoon doing yardwork in her yard… It actually was fun and we’re getting her yard ready for summer… it was a beautiful day!

We then ventured back to the house and relaxed with the ‘rents a bit.

“What About Brian” was on TV tonight and the beginning of the last segment of the show started with Ashton’s “Prodigal Son.”

It was a huge moment and sounded SO good in the show!!  I’m so proud of Ash… It’s a huge step in both our careers!