04/30/06 – Highland, MI to Atlanta, GA (travel day)

04/29/06 – Highland, MI (day off)
April 29, 2006
05/01/06 – Alpharetta, GA (day off)
May 1, 2006
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Jenny & I woke up at 11am and started the day… we went to KMart & Wal*Mart to find a bathing suit for me as well as a new tub for my cd store… victorious and hungry we head back to Highland and make breakfast.

I’m packing for the road and getting things ready… wake Ashton up at 3pm and re-pack my cd store.

We left at 5pm… It was hard to say goodbye to Jenny for the month…

Ashton & I decided to drive straight to Atlanta…. we made 2 gas stops, 1 Cracker Barrel stop in Ohio and 1 Waffle House stop in Georgia.. but drove the entire 12ish hours and got to Alpharetta at about 5:30am.  sleep now….