05/07/06 – Tour Update – Indian Rocks Beach, FL (day off)

05/06/06 – Tour Update – St. Petersburg, FL (Duncan Sheik show)
May 6, 2006
05/08/06 – Tour Update – Indian Rocks Beach, FL (day off)
May 8, 2006
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Today we had off.. and my pale ass needs some SUN…. so i did a good bit of sunning and laying out… and swam in the ocean.

me, ash, and his parents went into town for dinner and then they dropped me off when they went to go visit his grandma…

I sunned for a bit, then went for about a mile walk down Gulf Blvd which was relaxing.

Watched the rest of the sunset with Ashton’s parents and then crashed out.

Turns out I can get a wireless signal from my bed which is pretty cool.

I talked to Jenny tonight which was nice… I miss her a lot.. I get to see her at the end of the month which I am VERY excited about!!