05/14/06 – Tour Update – Norfolk, VA

05/13/06 – Tour Update – Clayton, NC
May 13, 2006
05/15/06 – Tour Update – Charlottesville, VA
May 15, 2006
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Norfolk… our good friend Rob Loomis and his coffee shop Port City Java has always been great to us, and tonight was no exception..  It was a great night… though rainy, the crowd made their way to Port City Java and we had a great night..  James, Chad, their father, Ben, and many other friends came out…. James & Chad joined Ashton for a great version of “Center of The Universe.”

Another great thing about the show tonight was that Ashton switched up the set list playing some old songs like “Faithful,” “If/Then,” and “Hotel Anarchy.”  Also, “The World’s Fair” made another appearance in the set.

We headed off in the rain to Charlottesville.. we have radio at 8:45 tomorrow AM so it’s gonna be early!

Jenny & I talked tonight and started making our plans for our time off together… she has quite a list going! I’m way excited!