05/24/06 – Sandusky, OH (Cedar Pointe)

05/23/06 – Highland, MI
May 23, 2006
05/25/06 – Highland, MI
May 25, 2006
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We woke up at 6:30am and ventured down to Ohio.. so tired but excited… Jenny & I are spending today at Cedar Pointe… We got there at about 10am and it was not very busy… so we had very small wait times for most of the rides… which allowed us to get through most of the park by 5pm… I don’t have the ‘theme park’ stamina i used to, and by 5:30 we were spent and exhausted and ready to go home…

We were so tired that we had to fight just to keep each other awake on the ride home… Jenny was exhausted but still made the drive and got us home… Picked up some Chinese food and passed out…  It was so much fun to get to ride all the coasters and just have a great day at the park w/ Jenny.