06/05/06 – Tour Update – Grosse Pointe, MI

06/04/06 – Highland, MI
June 4, 2006
06/06/06 – Tour Update – Clinton Township, MI
June 6, 2006
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Today was a strange day… Ashton being in town, and not having had surgery yet, I still did the show today w/ him.

First though, was the Dr. appointment w/ Dr. McKaney to discuss having my gall bladder out..  He did an exam and went over all test results and determined that he did not want to wait much longer to get my gall bladder out.. he wanted it out this week…

I headed back home and met up with Ashton and we hit the road for Grosse Pointe.. on the way there, I got the call… my surgery will be at 7:30am on Thursday… I’m glad it will be soon but stressed that I have to leave the tour to take care of this…

The show tonight was fun as it was cool seeing Mary Abraham again… Jenny came out and hung out with us.

Headed back to Highland and crashed out.. Tomorrow is the last night I’ll be on the tour, it appears… which is making me sad.