06/24/06 – Windsor, Ontario / Highland, MI

06/23/06 – Madison Heights, MI
June 23, 2006
06/25/06 – Madison Heights, MI
June 25, 2006
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It was a beautiful day out today… so Jenny & I headed over to Canada and had a picnic on the shore of the Canadian / Windsor side of the Detroit River, with a great view of Detroit… it was a wonderful afternoon..

Then we headed to Jenny’s house to pick up some things before heading back to mine.  She cooked us a great spaghetti dinner and we relaxed over that before heading up the road to see the fireworks. Highland Township was having their 4th of July fireworks tonight so we enjoyed that…. upon getting to the park/farm area where they were, we noticed we probably would have had a great spot from out back deck at the house… but it was still really nice to sit there outside with her to watch the fireworks.