07/02/06 – Alanson, MI

07/01/06 – Alanson, MI
July 1, 2006
07/03/06 – Alanson, MI
July 3, 2006
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Jenny & I made some breakfast and then we all went out on the lake (me, Jenny, parents, & my Aunt Melanie & Uncle George). We met with Gail, Danny, & Heather may out at the sand bar on Crooked Lake.

Heather had driven all the way from Connecticut (with only a 4 hour stop).  It was great seeing them and catching up as we hung out at the lake and swam.  I’m getting some sun which I’m loving.  We all headed back to the house at 5-ish and started getting ready for dinner.  We had a great BBQ at our house and visited with everybody.  The Mays and Robinson’s (aunt & uncle) headed out and Jenny I decided to go to the batting cages.  I haven’t swung a baseball bat in YEARS.. It was a lot of fun (though I wasn’t too good)… then we headed over to Pirate’s Cove putt putt golf to play a round… It was a lot of fun… though the place was crowded, and we had this group of people behind us who were breathing down our neck and being quite annoying!

I beat Jenny by 7 strokes but we both did a lot better than the last time we played putt putt.   We then headed back home and crashed… It was a great day but I’m a bit tired…  more tomorrow!