07/04/06 – Alanson, MI – Highland, MI (travel back home)

07/03/06 – Alanson, MI
July 3, 2006
07/05/06 – Highland, MI
July 5, 2006
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Got up around 9:30-10 again and went to breakfast w/ my mom, sister, & Jenny.  Then got back and headed out on the boat and met up with the Mays again.. We visited for an hour or so but decided to head to the Mays to get out of the cold lake…. Jenny & I took that as a good opportunity to get on the road, so my parents dropped us off and we headed back towards Highland at about 3:30.  Jenny, so awesome and sweet drove us home.  She made great time and traffic was great and we were home around 7:30 (and that was including stopping at Farmer Jack and picking up a pizza at Circus Circus… We hung out and had dinner together and watched the NY fireworks on TV.. She headed home at 10… It was such a wonderful trip away and up north with her and the fam.

I was tired… didn’t have the energy to do much work… so I caught up on some e-mails and went to bed.