07/15/06 – Madison Heights, MI

07/14/06 – Highland, MI
July 14, 2006
07/16/06 – Madison Heights, MI
July 16, 2006
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I stayed at Jenny’s last night.  We woke up and headed for breakfast.  Today is a VERY busy day.. we’re hosting a BBQ at Jenny’s house with her family.  We spent all morning and afternoon mowing and and working on the yard in the heat… at about 4pm we showered and got ready for her family..  We got all the food on the grill only to find out that the propane tank was empty!!

So I rushed out to replace it and on the way back got a nice $150 speeding ticket!  So frustrated and with a headache, we cooked up the food and had dinner in the back yard…  visited with her mom, sister, aunt, and grandma until about 9:30pm and we headed in for the evening.. I started feeling sick and ended up getting VERY sick for the next 6 hours or so.