09/08/06 – Tour Update – West Reading, PA

09/07/06 – Tour Update – Philadelphia, PA
September 7, 2006
09/09/06 – Tour Update – Boston, MA
September 9, 2006
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We didn’t need to leave Philly until 3:30pm so I had the day to myself to walk around the city… Philadelphia remains one of my favorite cities in the country. I walked approximately 3.8 miles according to Yahoo Maps… stopped by AKA Music, Tower Records, Old Navy, and Payless on my way back to Lindsey’s where I showered and got ready for the show.. Ashton & I left and picked the band up before heading on out to W. Reading.

One of our favorite hangs is W. Reading.  A great friend and Promoter, Frank Phobia has been so gracious and has booked us 4 times in W. Reading and we have a blast each time.  I grabbed dinner with some of the guys in Johnny Action figure before the show.. we played to a nice crowd… It was the 1 year anniversary (which we played the grand re-opening with Johnny Action Figure) and it was also the 2nd to last night before the club closed down.

A fun night and we piled into the car and headed back to Philly where we were staying one last night.

Ashton Allen band
September 8, 2006
West Reading, PA – Hard Bean Underground

Something To Say
Steven’s Song
Pretty Pink Rose
Counting The Cost
Better Than I Know
Prodigal Son