09/21/06 – Tour Update – Toronto, Canada (almost)

09/20/06 – Tour Update – Highland, MI (travel day)
September 20, 2006
09/22/06 – Tour Update – Ann Arbor, MI
September 22, 2006
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We left town at noon and headed towards Canada..  got to the border in Port Huron, Michigan.   Had the car and trailer searched and then spent a good half hour or hour in immigrations.  Well it turns out (unknown to us) that you needed a work permit if you were going to make any money at all in Canada… well we didn’t have it.  so after an hour.. they refused our entry into Canada and we had to turn around and go back home.

So we had to cancel our Toronto show… but on the up-side, for me, I got to go spend the night at Jenny’s house… I haven’t seen her in 6 weeks.  On my way down to her house.. I did get to stop by my cousin’s house and visit with her before she left for 2 years!  I had a blast.

I got to Jenny’s a bit after 10pm and it was so amazing to see her.. I missed her so much… and I was so happy to be with her again.

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