10/04/05 – Tour Update – Jacksonville FL

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October 3, 2005
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October 5, 2005
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We rolled into Jacksonville FL at about 3am and fell fast asleep.  We had to be at WJXT Channel 4 in Jacksonville at 7:30am for a TV appearance…

Arrived at the station and loaded in our gear, very sleepy, we were.  Our friend Megan came to see us and hang out at the perfromance which was awesome..

ashton was interviewed and performed two songs (“If You Leave” and “Center of The Universe”) live on the morning show… it was great exposure and we had a blast.

Breakfast was calling our name, so we made a b-line to Cracker Barrel for some grub.  After that, we headed back to T.O.D.’s house  where Ashton took a nap and I sent some e-mails and played a little Madden ’06 on his X-Box.

Tonight, we played Freebird Live, which is, in my opinion, the best venue in Jacksonville.  It was a rainy Tuesday Night, with Tropical Storm Tammy fast approaching…  however, Ashton had a GREAT crowd… 100 people filed into Freebird for the great night… Chris McCarty Band got the crowd ready for the night (and sounded great).  Ashton hit the stage at 10:30 and played to his hometown crowd… Chuck Nash, Megan, Kathi, Mel, T.O.D. and so many more were hanging out…   my friend Deese (photo of us in my photo section) was at the show and I hadn’t seen her in nearly 2 years… It was awesome to reconnect with her again!

Sold a lot of merch and cds, so the night was victorious!  But sleep, I need… so I’m gonna take advantage of not having to wake up before dawn tomorrow and sleep in!