10/06/05 – Tour Update – Gainesvile FL

10/05/05 – Tour Update – Ocala FL
October 5, 2005
10/07/05 – Tour Update – Lake City FL
October 7, 2005
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Woke up to a phone call from Rashon… apparently there were some issues w/ the health inspector getting to the Purple Porpoise (now called Midtown) there to inspect…  so at noon, they closed the club thru the weekend…. fortunately, he had a great room called Damon’s downtown that he books… we scrambled, sending myspace messages, Ashton Allen & Big Sky mailing lists to get the word out….  we saw Ashton’s parents briefly, then headed up to Gainesville.. it was a great bill which featured Ashton, Chuck Nash, and my friend Matt who sings in the band Treatment (formerly Longwood).   Lisa, Mark Gaignard, Dave Moore, and many other friends came out to support… it was a rainy night, but we had a blast!