10/06/06 – Bringing in the dock

10/05/06 – Reconnecting
October 5, 2006
10/07/06 – The Tigers Advance!
October 7, 2006
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So I woke up at 5am… which I do NOT do… anyways.. My dad, friend Danny, and myself left the house at 6:15am and headed north towards Alanson, MI.

This weekend we’re working on closing down the lake house up north… Pulling in the dock, putting everything away, taking everything out of the water.

We started around 11:30 to take the dock out of the lake.. we did that at our place and then at Danny’s father-in-law’s place.  We finished everything up at about 4pm..  A day of manual labor is something I’m not used to.. but it was actually a good time.   Had a great dinner at Bob’s Place in Alanson before heading back to our place where I relaxed and watched the Tigers’ game.. they whooped the Yankees 6-0.  It was a really great day and the weather was awesome as well.