10/09/05 – Tour Update – Orlando FL

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10/08/05 – Tour Update – Boynton Beach FL
October 8, 2005
10/10/05 – Tour Update – Orlando / Tallahassee FL
October 10, 2005
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Woke up today and      we made the 3 hour trek up to Orlando… I dropped Ashton off @ Slingapours so he could rehearse with JSun for the show tonight…  I headed over to Best Buy to try and remedy my lap top situation.

Having only owned it for 5 weeks… they said that the ONLY thing they could do is ship it out to HP to get fixed… which means that for the next 3 weeks… I am without a lap top…. so my next few blogs will be from Ashton’s lap top or various other friends’ houses!  eeek.  So this put me in a really pissy mood, as you can imagine… the lap top is currently packed in a box, to be shipped from Best Buy to have the monitor fixed… defeated and steaming, i head towards Slingapours..

Ash and I were in cahoots with JSun’s sister, Melissa… she flew down from Chicago to Orlando to suprise him.. they haven’t seen each other since last Thanksgiving.. so that was a blast.  The show tonight was great, with a solid turn out… Mom & Dad Allen were in attendance as was many friends of ours….  My friend Mel, who’s an Orlando radio DJ whom I’ve been talking to for a good 4 years, came out… and it was our first time actually meeting face to face… so that was a trip!  I took some photos which i’ll post when my camera is back working!

we’re staying in Mt. Dora tonight at Ashton’s parents’ house… we’re doing an in-store in Orlando @ UCF tomorrow so we need to be up kinda early!