10/11/05 – Tour Update – Pensacola FL

10/10/05 – Tour Update – Orlando / Tallahassee FL
October 10, 2005
10/12/05 – Tour Update – Mobile AL
October 12, 2005
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We drove out to Destin FL after the show to stay with our good friend Erik. He’s been a great friend to Ashton and I over the years… Today we’re playing End of The Line Cafe in Pensacola… I’m excited… the room was small and intimate and we had a small crowd… our friend Ashley (who rocks) came with her parents, friends Christina and Tara were also out at the show…. we’re tired though, it’s been a long day and we’re hungry and crabby… so we drove for a half hour and all we could find was a waffle house (that will do, I suppose)… we then retreated to Ashley’s parents’ house where we crashed that night…. i’m beat.