10/11/06 – Walled Lake Central Marching Band

10/10/06 – Chicken ala King
October 10, 2006
10/12/06 – Networking
October 12, 2006
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I woke up and hit the road… driving around in the rain and getting in a few job applications… Hopefully something will bite soon.

I then headed down to Walled Lake Central at about 3:15 to hang with my friend, mentor, and former band director Dave Rogers and see their rehearsal. The band is sounding incredible and it was a blast to hang with Dave again.  I’m going to catch a few of their competitions this month. I also got to have dinner with his family.

I made my way home and talked to Jenny a bit.  Ran out to Mark’s house (from Calling Marvin) to pick up some CDs and also to Kroger to get some waffle mix.  I was in the mood for Waffles.. what can I say?!

I then retired to my room where I did a massive (4 hour) update to my official website www.michaelgrosvenor.com and also add the Calling Marvin catalog to my online store.  Just now finishing it up.. it’s 5:30am and I’m BEAT!

Oh.. and the Tigers won game 2!!