10/24/05 – Tour Update – San Francisco CA

10/23/05 – Tour Update – Hollywood CA (day off)
October 23, 2005
10/25/05 – Tour Update – Stockton CA
October 25, 2005
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So I only slept 2.5 hours tops last night, as i had to awake at 8am and shower so we could be out the door by 9… we left Los Angeles at 9am and headed up California… it was about a 6.5 hour drive, which we filled with great scenery, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Primus…  we arrived by 3-3:30 at Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles.  After our in-store, we piled into the car to head over to the Brainwash Cafe where where we were doing a show with my myspace and IM friend Starr Saunders…  She and I have been talking and getting to know each other over the past year and a half and haven’t met until TODAY.

She is so nice and downright cool, It was good to finally hang with her. I met her family and also good friend Sabrina, who’s awesome as well.

So today was a lot of fun… It’s still very surreal to me that I am on tour… and Im typing this from San Francisco…. insane, I tell you.

Anyways, that’s all for now…. tonight I sleep, and tomorrow I wake up refreshed!