10/28/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Westhampton Beach, NY

10/27/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Atlantic City, NJ
October 27, 2006
10/29/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Arlington, VA (Travel Day)
October 29, 2006
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My first time on Long Island.  as we rolled into town I was watching my favorite Billy Joel vid i have.. 1982’s VHS “Live From Long Island.”

We rolled up to the motel and unloaded our gear and then headed right to the venue.. we played the Westhampton Performing Arts Center.

It was a small theatre with a great crowd.. no opener tonight, so Taj and the trio hit the stage just after 8pm.  They closed the merch and bar during the actual show, so I got to watch a bit of the show from the side of the stage which was a treat.

Went back to the hotel and talked to Jenny a bit.. my phone didn’t automatically go back w/ the Daylight Saving which annoyed me.. but I was too tired so I fell asleep.