11/14/05 – Atlanta GA

11/13/05 – Atlanta GA
November 13, 2005
11/15/05 – Alpharetta GA
November 15, 2005
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So today is Monday… I got up around 9:30am for an hour and made some breakfast, after that, I venturd back up to sleep some more…  Today was filled with updating my site and Ashton’s site… and just relaxing…

about 11pm I went to FedEx Kinkos to make some copies of reciepts to have done and get in to the label this week.

I then ventured over to Tower Records to pick up the Season 10 (final season) of Friends on DVD… i now own the complete series of that show! i’m SUCH the dork….   i ventured back, popped some corn and watched disc one while chatting with some friends….. im trying to orchestrate my flight back to MI… but as of now, i have no way to get to any airport!  help?!?

so its 3:38am and im beat.. i plan on trying to sleep until noon.. i have a very very cool package set to arrive tomorrow so im pumped!