12/10/05 – Grand Rapids MI

12/09/05 – Grand Rapids MI
December 9, 2005
12/11/05 – Highland MI
December 11, 2005
12/09/05 – Grand Rapids MI
December 9, 2005
12/11/05 – Highland MI
December 11, 2005
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I woke up at 12:30, showered and started my day.. I ran to Meijer then to grab some food before heading to the club (Ten Bells.)  I arrived and Mick Force was there in his car waiting for the rest of the band to arrive..  Joel Ferguson, Pete Dunning, and Scott Stefanski followed shortly after.

It was great to see everybody in Papa Vegas together again..  I was handling merch for the night.. everybody, myself included, went thru our respective collections and put together everything we had to sell.. We have a little of a lot of different things which is awesome.

I started sifting thru merch and setting up as the band set up on stage.. they had another rehearsal at the venue.. It was great to be in a crowd of the 4 of us at the club who got to see this.. Hearing them playing those Papa Vegas songs again was truly special.

They wrapped up around 6:30 and headed out. Pete stayed at the club and he and i spent about an hour and a half talking and getting to know each other which was great, since he was the one guy from the band that I’d never met.

Doors opened at 8 and people started streaming in… We had a really great crowd, considering it was snowing out!

The set list was as follows:

Something Wrong
Super Telepathy
On Your Own
Through To You
Beautiful Animal
No Destination|
Before Our Eyes
Let Down
Reason Without Meaning
Black Moon Symphony
Long Days
Never Enough

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It was an absolutely incredible time and I want to thank Joel, Scott, Mick, and Pete for making me feel like a part of the family. They also announced today that they will be opening for The Verve Pipe on December 23rd at The Intersection… so come hang out.. I’ll be there! 🙂

I left Ten Bells at 3am and decided to head back to Highland (a 2ish hour drive),, So I called my friend Sabrina in Cali… she was awake and game for talking me home…  So I spent the 2 hour, snowy drive on the phone with her which kept me awake and able to make it back no problem.. Thanks Sabrina!