12/15/06 – Home sweet home, Verve Pipe, No snow, and new tunes!

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11/05/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Asheville, NC
November 5, 2006
01/04/07 – 1 year and 2 days later… So happy together!
January 4, 2007
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So I’m glad to only blog when the inspiration hits me… it makes it more interesting for me.

I’ve been back home from the road for 10 days and it feels great.. My feet planted firmly back on Michigan soil and I’m starting to feel roots growing.

It’s so great to be back home with Jenny… Just being around her and with her makes me a better person.  It’s a great feeling.  She has helped me with a HUGE burden I’ve had…. MEDICAL BILLS…  She so kindly helped me sort them all out.. and guess what… they are 98% paid off!!!

Other big news… I’m in the 11th hour of desiging some new t-shirts for The Verve Pipe… I’m very excited about this… we have a big show in Grand Rapids, MI on 12/23 and I can’t wait to see the final shirts.  www.myspace.com/thevervepipe for more info on the show!

Also.. I’m partnering with my good friend Ben Rowell in a new record label called Backspace Records ( www.myspace.com/backspacerecords1 ).  We are gearing up for a 2007 release of a group called The Also Ran which features Mark Gaignard (former Big Sky frontman).  You can check out some tracks from The Also Ran’s upcoming album at www.myspace.com/backspacerecords1

The Taj Mahal Trio tour was a big success and I had a blast… If you’re unaware… check it.. www.tajblues.com

Also some very exciting news that just came into my inbox… my friend Clint Baker (former Riddlin’ Kids frontman) is going to lay down some vocal tracks to “Letting Go.”  I can’t wait to hear what he puts down.

So yes.. a lot of exciting things going on.. and I’m happy to be home to enjoy it all..   It’s been unseasonably warm here in Michigan… but I’m hoping we get some snow for Christmas… anywho… that’s all for now…  I’m in the middle of uploading the Big Sky catalogue to “Snocap” to have it available on myspace… so check out www.myspace.com/bigsky in the next day or so.