12/20/05 – Highland MI

12/19/05 – Highland MI
December 19, 2005
12/21/05 – Highland MI
December 21, 2005
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I had my physical today at 2pm and All went very well!

I then headed over to Brian’s house to do some recording… we laid down basic tracks for a new song which was a lot of fun… I’m getting back into drumming again and it feels great!

We’re going to be doing a lot more recording before January, so I’m pumped!  We have great chemistry and It’s a blast working with Brian.

I got in at midnite and had some late dinner, then watched some “Raymond” and talked to my friends Cindy and Jess… I have to say it was a good day.

Oh also.. I dug up an old Billy Joel “Storm Front” tour t-shirt that I got in 1990.. I washed it.. and get this… IT FITS!!  check out my two new photos… that’s the same shirt that i was wearing at 10 years old!!  so crazy!