12/31/05 – Highland MI

12/30/05 – Highland MI
December 30, 2005
01/01/06 – Highland MI
January 1, 2006
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Today was a relaxed day.. Hung with my parents a bit.. then got a call from my good friend and High School band director Dave Rogers.. I met up with him, his wife and two kids (one is a newborn) at his brother & law’s house.. We chatted a bit and then headed over to his house.. We spent the midnight hour catching up and listening to some music.. Dave has been not only my friend, but my mentor.. This is a guy who believed so much in me and was there to give many words of wisdom, entertainment and just support.. He is a big reason why i pursued music.. Dave really got me fired up even more about it and to this day it continues to be my big passion..

I got home about 2am.. the roads were busy and I was weary of the drunk drivers about.. but I got home in one piece.. I stayed up until about 4am and then crashed out.. A nice relaxing way to ring in the new year.