7/11/05 – Tour Update – St. Simons Island GA

7/10/05 – Tour Update – St. Simons Island GA
July 10, 2005
7/12/05 – Tour Update – Jacksonville FL
July 13, 2005
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Played a gig in St. Simons Island GA tonight at a club that Big Sky once played called Rafters. Met a few cool people…

So touring is a blast so far…
oh… the special Gainesville show on Friday…. for the Big Sky set… Ashton, Mark, and Dave have asked me if I would sit in with them and play guitar on their song “Waiting.” So i am very honored and pumped to do that!

Playing a show in Atlanta Beach (just east of Jacksonville, on the coast) tonight (Tuesday) then we have Wednesday off…

Things are going great… I’m going to try and write a little blurb each night to post to keep sort of a regular road journal going…. could be really cool to share these awesome experiences and also be a bit therapeudic!