7/15/05 – Tour Update – Gainesville FL

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7/14/05 – Tour Update – Orlando FL
July 15, 2005
7/16/05 – Tour Update – Destin FL
July 17, 2005
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The Day has arrived… we got a late start out of central FL so didn’t roll into Gainesville until 6:30…. got to the Purple Porpoise and Mark Gaignard & Dave Moore were already there running through songs..

The week before they had asked me to play guitar on “Waiting” during the “Big Sky Acoustic Reunion” set…. and i was so honored… i fudged through it once okay then on the second run though decided to do backing vocals as well… and it sounded pretty decent… the doors opened… and people streamed into the club…. by the time Mark came on to play his solo set… the room was PACKED…. Mark and Ashton played really well…. but the focus of tonight was the music of Big Sky… and so the set started…. playing in no particular order they played… “Denied” “Waiting” “David Bowie” “Hoped For” “All The While” “Backlight” “House of Blues” and “Mind’s Eye”

3rd song from the end… Mark called me up to the stage… .and i was met with a very welcoming applause from the crowd (man i was NERVOUS)…. so Ashton did the count off and we launched into their great song “Waiting” with Mark singing, Ashton on bass, Dave on organ, and me on Acoustic Guitar and background vocals…. I played really well considering i’ve NEVER played guitar live before…. and i sang pretty well too… It was very emotional for me to be able to share the stage with Ashton, Mark, and Dave… 3 dear friends and musical heroes of mine. It was a moment I will NEVER forget! And getting the cheers from the crowd at the end of the night… just goose bumps!

What a great night! we’re off to Destin FL in the AM.