7/19/05 – Tour Update – Atlanta GA (Day Off)

7/18/05 – Tour Update – Birmingham AL
July 19, 2005
7/20/05 – Tour Update – Atlanta GA (Day Off)
July 21, 2005
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So its a day off in Atlanta… but I qickly realized that ‘day off’ just means ‘day without a gig’ i slept in, which i so needed… then did a lot of paperwork… went to the Livewire office and met up with Ashton for a bit. Then off to Moe’s for some dinner…

Came home at about 7:30 and did some walking and swimming at the neighborhood…. I’m currently sitting here in the house i moved out of 2 weeks ago and its crazy… its ‘home like’ but totally not anymore… who knows.. im just babbling… anywho… im recording DAT tapes of Ashton’s shows onto my Lap Top so we can listen to them on the road…. some fun stuff.