8/04/05 – Tour Update – West Palm Beach FL

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8/03/05 – Tour Update – Oakland Park FL
August 4, 2005
8/05/05 – Tour Update – Miami FL
August 6, 2005
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“Listen To The Rain”
Ashton and I return to one of Big Sky’s favorite all time venue’s. The city of West Palm Beach FL holds an outdoor concert every Thursday called “Clematis By Night.” We were very pumped, needless to say. We first woke up and grabbed some lunch and chatted with our friend Jenna. then headed up north to West Palm.

It was hot and sunny upon arrival which made sound check extra dehydrating… but we were optimistic that it was gonna be a great night…
roughly 30 minutes into Ashton’s set… West Palm saw the loudest and most fierce sever thunderstorm cells in a long time… so we quickly covered the instruments and bailed into the library to escape the monsoon… for well over an hour or so it rained down like you wouldn’t believe…. causing the rest of the evening to be cancelled! It was a bummer indeed but we can’t wait to get back to Clematis… they have been so great to Ashton and the entire Big Sky camp over the years..

We then headed over to our friend Pam’s house in Delray Beach, where we will ‘set up camp’ for the next few days.
Oh… we are doing a radio performance, interview during the day at 3pm on the University of Miami’s college radio station! very exciting.
Anywho its late and Ash and I have been up working…. oh, today I also heard from my friend and former coworker from Sony, Abby… great to catch up with her. Ok i need to crash.. long day again tomorrow! Peace!