8/07/05 – Tour Update – Sanford FL (day off)

8/06/05 – Tour Update – Boynton Beach FL
August 7, 2005
8/08/05 – Tour Update – Sanford FL (day off)
August 8, 2005
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so i’m here staying with a friend in Sanford FL… today was travel day up here… we’re off today and tomorrow… i have a bit of admistrative work to do but other than that…. wide open….

so this goes out to all of my Central FL friends…. I HAVE MONDAY OFF and NOTHING TO DO….. if you have my email, number, or IM… please contact me so we can hang out….

I’m watching CNN and noticing that Peter Jennings has passed away… he was a great tv news journalist.
I’m so glad to be out on the road… today is our one month anneversary of being on tour… and im so excited for what’s to come..
and for my family and Michigan friends back home… it’s looking like we may swing through Michigan in October for a few shows… stay tuned!