8/14/05 – Tour Update – Marietta GA (day off)

8/13/05 – Tour Update – Marietta GA (day off)
August 13, 2005
8/15/05 – Tour Update – Marietta GA (day off)
August 15, 2005
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As I predicted.. i crashed hard when getting back from the party and slept until nearly 3pm today.

Got a call from my old roommate and good friend Jamie and we met up for dinner and to discuss music as we always do.. great to see him… and I was very excited to get a hold of my old friend Rick whom lives a mile and a half from where I’m staying… so i’m gonna get to see him tomorrow… it will be fun… its nearly midnight lots to do tomorrow before we make the long trek up to Wilmington NC on Tuesday AM…. I’ll be up for a while though…

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