8/19/05 – Tour Update – Norfolk VA

8/18/05 – Tour Update – Columbia SC
August 18, 2005
8/20/05 – Tour Update – Hampton VA
August 20, 2005
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What a crazy day this was… after Jammin’ Java last night… I stayed up late talking to a friend…. one cool thing though Is I weighed myself for the first time in nearly a month and i was very happy to see that i’m currently weighing in at 213 pounds! which is a loss of 114 pounds! pretty crazy and awesome!

We left Columbia SC at 8am and made our way to Raleigh NC and Chapel Hill NC to visit some great record stores… then had lunch at the Barrel on our way up Virginia.

Got into Norfolk at about 7:15 and loaded into this awesome coffee shop we played called Port City Java… great owner, vibe, and just good time… played a fun set tonight and sold a ton of merch.. Good feeling… off to the hotel to crash…. I made it not too long until I passed out…. sleep = good…. we’re in the Norfolk/Hampton/Newport News area for 4 days so I’m excited to be in the same area for a bit.

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