9/14/05 – Tour Update – New York NY (day off)

9/13/05 – Tour Update – New York NY
September 13, 2005
9/15/05 – Tour Update – New York NY
September 15, 2005
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Today was a blast… our first true day off in NYC… we met up with Colin and Becca @ Livewire & our friends The Rewinds…  earlier in the day, we had to relocate to a new place to stay…. so it was about 3pm or so once that was taken care of…

We were gonna go se Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out” but the $100 ticket was a bit too much…   so Ashton and I walked around Times Square for the evening… it was such a sight… I treated myself to some rare Billy Joel import cds… and we walked around the city some more… it is very magical.   then, drained and tired, we headed back to brooklyn at the new place we were staying… set up camp, and worked on the lap tops for a while… (we are such dorks)…  tomorrow is the Livewire showcase @ Rockwood Music Hall for CMJ… it’s gonna be a big day. Ended the night by watching the Frank Zappa DVD ‘Baby Snakes.’  its one of the strangest and most incredible things ive seen in some time.