9/24/05 – Tour Update – Nashville TN

9/23/05 – Tour Update – Indianapolis IN
September 23, 2005
9/25/05 – Tour Update – Atlanta GA
September 25, 2005
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Tonight was a blast…  we played a show with out new friends Gentleman Auction House.  One of the most fun and unique bands I’ve seen all tour.

Oh yeah… today is my birthday…   thanks to Ben, Dave, Mark, Marlise, Mom & Dad, Starr Saunders, Ashton, Adrian, Doug, Lisa, and Jamie for their birthday calls!  and everybody who myspace messaged me… I love you all!  you rock.

I’m Looking foward to heading to Atlanta tomorrow!  so pumped. I’m gonna try and catch up with some folks I haven’t seen in some time.

It’s crazy to be 26… but since my surgery, I feel like I’ve gotten YOUNGER…  It truly had been a rollercoaster year… but ultimately an incredible one… I can’t wait to enjoy my 26th year!