9/28/05 – Tour Update – Atlanta GA (day off)

9/27/05 – Tour Update – Birmingham AL
September 27, 2005
9/29/05 – Tour Update – Marietta GA
September 29, 2005
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Today was a day off…. so what did i do? I went to a concert!  The day, however, started with me running around town like crazy doing some personal errands…. that ate up a good chunk, I then met with my friend Matt and we headed down to the Tabernacle to meet up with Clay Cook and some of the Y-O-U guys to see the John Mayer Trio.  What a blast… though the show didn’t really totally blow my mind… the performance was nothing short of excellent (if that makes sense)…. I had a good time seeing John play what he wants… he seemed at home which was cool.

after the show, exhausted, I headed back to Jamie’s place…. I talked for a good hour with my friend Starr… she rocks!   but im beat, so I think im headed to bed!