Checking in from Michigan

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Ya know.. first off “checking in from Michigan” is a great title… it will be used again… album title perhaps?

anywho… Just checking in with everybody  it’s been so great to be back home… and I can actually say HOME again.

I’m on the hunt for a gig in the music biz that can keep me here in Michigan.. could be a while but I’m hopful.   In the meantime, I’m working in retail (shipping/receiving) @ a Target store..  the bills don’t stop, and with the Michigan economy so bad right now, I’m lucky to be working at all.  (first day is tomorrow).

So I’m slowly picking away at writing songs… but I’ve decided that I work much better with another songwriter… I have some great ideas but have a hard time realizing them.

I’ve also got a new TV show that I’m addicted to….  “DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER.”  you laugh?  but click over to A&E one night and you will be hooked!

Jenny and I are still going strong and having a great winter… Hopefully I’ll be able to move in before too long!

We’ve got some fun concerts coming up that we’re going to:

February 3 – Brian Vander Ark @ Club Soda – Kalamazoo, MI
(this legendary Kalamazoo music venue is closing its doors. it’s where I cut my teeth in the music scene… so it will be quite a night.)

February 18 – Glen Phillips @ The Ark – Ann Arbor, MI

May 4 – Billy Joel @ The Palace – Auburn Hills, MI
(I grew up with his music and have been a fan for 27 years, going strong! I’m VERY excited to see Billy live once again!)

So that’s about it… oh.. I also added a TON of new pictures… design work and a bunch of shots of me in my childhood days!  So take a gander!


-Michael G