One year from today!

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April 14, 2008
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November 16, 2008
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So I don’t blog often… I got quite burnt out with it after blogging every day on the road….  but I looked at the calendar today and it’s pretty significant…

One year from today… June 7, 2009 to be specific, Jenny & I are getting married.  She and I met over breakfast 2 1/2 years ago and today, I can’t picture my life without her.  We’ve gone through ups and downs… and had countless expierences that warm my heart.

When we met… I didn’t want to let go… and to this day… not a day goes by that we haven’t at least talked on the phone…. and that includes the first year of our relationship where I was on the road.

The planning has begun but we are keeping it simple… just VERY immediate family, small and intimate.. that suits us both just fine.

We’re building our life… we have a nice house… It is VERY much home for us, great neighborhood… finally making some new friends nearby.

I’m really excited for next year to take our love, life, and relationship to the next level….

It’s great to be in love!!

Many of you had sent out congratulations upon our engagement announcement and I neglected to reply to many of you.. which unfortunately happens when life gets busy… but I wanted to thank you, from us.. for all the kind words and love!

I’m certainly a lucky man.. to have found the woman i love and eagerly move towards spending the rest of my life with!