Tour Managing for Ashton Allen, plus more post-surgery updates

On The Mend
April 28, 2005
72 pounds lost to date!
June 8, 2005
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ok so I typed a VERY long blog and i lost it all… so here is the abbreviated version…

As of July, I will be touring full time as Ashton Allen’s tour manager.  He is the former bass player for Big Sky.

Also.. Tuesday will mark 8 weeks since my surgery, and I have lost a total of 67 pounds… putting me at 260 right now!

Last night, my friend and former Big Sky lead guitar player Chris Floyd was in town doing an acoustic duo show with his new band The Curve.  It was so great to see him… I haven’t since the final Big Sky show. And made a great new friend in singer/songwriter/rocker Cris Williams. Check her out! It was also great to hang with 4 of the 5 women of CCMAD. Carolyn, Gianina, Valerie, and Marisela… you all rule!

I also had a date last night that lasted a whopping 20 minutes (fun)… its a long and stupid story.  but i had a great time with the curve, berg, ben rowell, lisa and the above crew last night!

I’ve also re-discovered a Billy Joel song that I always liked but its just been sticking with me a lot lately…  it’s called “Souvenir” and its from his 1974 album “Streetlife Serenade.”  It used to be the song that he closed his concerts with before “Piano Man” took a perminant slot.  check it out.

Well I think that’s it for now…. leave some comments and drop me an IM!

-Michael G.