01/12/06 – BILLY JOEL CONCERT – Tampa FL

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01/12/06 – Tour Update – Clearwater/Tampa FL
January 12, 2006
01/13/06 – Tour Update – Orlando FL
January 13, 2006
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So… my first time seeing Billy Joel in almost 3 years and my first time seeing him w/o Elton John in nearly 8 years…  and wow what a great show… He played deep cuts and hits alike… the only down side was the lack of long-time drummer Liberty DeVitto.. though new drummer Chuck Burgi is very talented.. he was just missing the qualities that Liberty had that brought the songs and gave them so much energy and life.

Ashton & I were sitting 24th row center for the show.. due to his performance, we walked in at the begninning of the 3rd song… It was Ashton’s first time seeing Billy Joel and what a great time we had… i got some shirts which i cant wait to start to wear. haha..

The amazing set list as follows…

1) Prelude/Angry Young Man
2) My Life
3) Everybody Loves You Now
4) New York State Of Mind
5) Stiletto
6) Zanzibar
7) Allentown
8 ) The Ballad Of Billy The Kid
9) Sometimes a Fantasy
10) All For Leyna
11) Goodnight Saigon
12) Movin’ Out
13) Miami 2017
14) Lullaby
15) River Of Dreams
16) Keeping the Faith
17) I Go To Extremes
18) We Didn’t Start The Fire
19) Big Shot
20) It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me
21) You May Be Right

22) Only The Good Die Young
23) Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
24) Piano Man

I had such a blast and hope Billy does tour again.. It was so fun bringing Ashton to his first Billy Joel show… I’m beat, however… so it’s off to bed I go!