01/20/06 – Tour Update – Baltimore MD / Exton PA

01/19/06 – Tour Update – Washington DC
January 19, 2006
01/21/06 – Tour Update – Wilmington DE / North Wales PA
January 21, 2006
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What a crazy busy day today was… woke up and made it to WTMD in Towson MD by noon where Ashton taped a radio interview/performance.  We then headed off for some breakfast in Baltimore near the pier…

During lunch, Ashton did another phone interview with another Baltimore radio station… we then ventured off to the Baltimore Barnes & Noble which was built in the old Power Plant… this thing is incredible.. all of the origininal architechture still in tact.. after the performance, we had to rush off to Exton PA (95 miles away) for our next in-store… the crowd tonight at Exton was huge for the tour… we had about 60 people out! I also made a really cool new friend named Rebecca.. We chatted a while and hung at the end of the gig and with the staff..

Happy with the crowd and album sales, we grabbeed some great food at Longhorn before heading over to Philadelphia where we stayed with our good friend Lindsey.  We’re staying here tomorrow as well before we head over to New Jersey for the day.  What a great day too… it was so busy but a lot of fun… and I think i turned the corner of this cold I’ve had too!