01/21/06 – Tour Update – Wilmington DE / North Wales PA

01/20/06 – Tour Update – Baltimore MD / Exton PA
January 20, 2006
01/22/06 – Tour Update – Clifton NJ
January 22, 2006
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Today was a sleeper… meaning WE GOT TO SLEEP IN!  So great.. I woke up at noon.. went to the Sasafras Market around the corner here in Downtown Phill;y and got some change to do my laundry..  then I mulled around Philly for an hour while they washed and dried…

We left Lindsey’s at 3pm and headed to Wilmington for our first in-store.. a cool little crowd was on hand including my Verve Pipe friend Sandy, which was awesome..  after that one though, we had to pile in and haul butt to the North Wales gig.

We’re heading to Jersey tomorrow.. a state we did not play on the 2005 tour, so I’m pretty excited for some new territory.  and only 4 days before I get into Michigan!

Got back to Philly and hung out and chatted it up with LBR..  Talked with Jenny late night style and started fading a bit… but it was nice.. time to crash!