01/23/06 – Tour Update – Hackensack NJ / Wilkes-Barre PA

01/22/06 – Tour Update – Clifton NJ
January 22, 2006
01/24/06 – Tour Update – Homestead/Pittsburgh PA
January 24, 2006
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Woke up to snow on the ground in NJ here… ventured over for our 12pm in-store in Hackensack.. nice folks, small crowd.. I was on the phone w/ Jenny booking my flight… I’ll be off in MI for a month starting on January 6th.

We then had grub at a local diner before venturing towards Wilkes-Barre (130 miles away)

Time to kill in Wilkes-Barre.. I mulled around the mall for 25 mins and talked w/ Marlise & Lisa. We had a decent turn-out tonight and sold near 10 records…

We decided tonight would be movie night… so we ventured 26 miles south to Hazelton and saw The Chronic (what?!) les of Narnia..   the flick was one of the best I’ve seen this past year.. It really kept me interested.. what a blast…. though we almost didn’t find the theatre as it was SO foggy, and even thought we were at a mall.. we couldn’t see ANYTHING but a K-Mart, JC Pennys, and Dairy Queen..  we must’ve driven around the mall for 25 minutes before we found it..  got out around 12:45 am and called Jenny back.. we chatted it up as Ashton & I ventured about 30 miles towards Pittsburgh where we pulled into a Days Inn…  we have a 230 mile drive tomorrow! and Michigan in just 2 days!