01/24/06 – Tour Update – Homestead/Pittsburgh PA

01/23/06 – Tour Update – Hackensack NJ / Wilkes-Barre PA
January 23, 2006
01/25/06 – Tour Update – Youngstown/Toledo OH
January 25, 2006
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So we had a 260 mile drive between this morning and our 7pm in-store.. We awoke and headed out at 1pm.. Had some crappy food at Perkins…  it was snowing by the time we hit Homestead.. and rolled in at 6pm.

The coolest thing happened on the way… we were listening to WYEP in Pittsburgh PA.. and  Ashton and Iwe heard him on the radio together for the very first time… they played “Dewdrops.”  it was so exciting!!

So then we did the gig and made our way towards Youngstown OH…  I spent some time talking to Jenny, the great girl I’m now dating.. yes, it’s official. 🙂

We’re now in OH and tomorrow night I sleep in my bed in Michigan… I so can not wait!